CODIS is not a service per se but is a function of the Forensic Biology Section. It is a database of DNA profiles. These profiles include casework and convicted offenders. Each state that contributes data to CODIS has its own definition of who is a convicted offender. The casework is composed of “forensic unknowns”, which is predominately sperm DNA profiles from sexual assault cases and blood profiles from homicide, burglary, and assault cases. The FBI provides CODIS service and its software. Approved states may upload their profiles to the National Database to be searched against other unknown profiles and convicted felons.

Any DNA recovered from evidence submitted to the GBI that did not originate from the victim or elimination person is uploaded and searched in CODIS. If a hit is made between cases, all the officers involved will be notified and advised of any needed action on their part. If a hit is made with a convicted felon, the officer will be notified to submit a new blood sample of the convicted felon for confirmation. All DNA profiles in CODIS are continuously searched against all new profiles added. Therefore there is no need to request a search in CODIS.

CODIS does not allow the users to upload profiles of victims, suspects, and elimination blood samples (e.g. DNA profiles of consensual partners in sexual assault investigations).