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Established in 1952 as the second statewide crime laboratory in the United States, the Division of Forensic Sciences furnishes scientific support to the Criminal Justice System of Georgia. Laboratory scientists and technicians in specialized disciplines collect, analyze, and interpret all aspects of physical evidence for officers, investigators, and District Attorneys throughout the state.

The analyses employ the most recent scientific technologies and are performed on highly sophisticated instrumentation. Scientists are often required to present their findings in the form of expert courtroom testimony. Statewide availability of laboratory services are made possible through the headquarters laboratory in Decatur and regional laboratories in Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Moultrie, Savannah, and Cleveland.

  • Bodies are accepted only from those counties served by a Medical Examiner facility. The crime lab does not transport bodies.
  • For services not offered at a specific location, the crime lab will transfer the evidence to another DOFS laboratory where the service is performed.
  • Evidence received at a specific laboratory may be transferred to another laboratory in the crime lab system order to expedite analysis.

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