Careers in Forensic Analysis of Drugs, Fire Debris, and Accelerants

We encourage interested college students to apply for an internship in the Chemistry Section.  According to GBI policy, the internship program is open to full-time students who are currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at an accredited college or university.  All intern applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • United States citizen at least 18 years of age
  • In good academic standing with their college or university
  • Must be enrolled in school during the semester/quarter the student plans to intern
  • Recommended by their college or university to participate in the program.

The internship program is administered by the GBI Personnel Office – all interested students should contact the Personnel Office for more information.

In general, intern duties include:

  • Researching new analytical techniques for use in Drug Identification

  • Developing and improving chemical extraction techniques

  • Troubleshooting instruments such as GCMS and FTIR

  • Preparing materials for Marijuana ID class

  • Attending instrumental theory and drug analysis lectures given by the section’s Technical Leader

  • Analysis of current drug trends