Georgia Bureau of Investigation Division of Forensic Sciences

Division of Forensic Sciences (DOFS)

The laboratory is committed to a strategy of continuous improvement, constantly seeking to learn the expectations of our customers and striving to meet those needs and expectations. The laboratory intends for these efforts to help us achieve the following goals:

  • Enhance and improve the workplace environment to be more conducive to the recruitment, retention and development of DOFS employees.
  • Foster an organizational culture focused on the quality and integrity of forensic analysis.
  • Analyze incoming evidence submissions in a time frame necessary to meet investigative needs and the requirements of court presentation.
  • Expand the lines of communication between laboratory staff, our customers and stakeholders.

Mission, Value, Vision

  • Mission Statement: The Division of Forensic Sciences will provide the highest quality forensic services for our customers, achieved through accurate and thorough analyses utilizing state of the art technology. This mission will be accomplished by innovative, highly skilled, unbiased professionals with vision and integrity.
  • Value Statement: The Division of Forensic Sciences values a customer service oriented team of professionals that is motivated and hard working. We employ accountable and responsible individuals whose effectiveness is reflected in their leadership, strong work ethic, intelligence, and innovation.
  • Vision Statement: The Division of Forensic Sciences envisions a future in which we continue to build and develop an internationally recognized forensic laboratory system that partners with governmental and private entities to effectively meet the needs of the Georgia criminal justice community.

The Division of Forensic Sciences has numerous job openings.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation

The GBI supports the state's criminal justice system in the areas of criminal investigations, forensic laboratory services and computerized criminal justice information.