DOFS Evidence Submission Form

Please Note: The GBI Crime Lab does not return copies of submission forms. Agencies can search the website by Agency Case Number (ACN) or by Victim / Suspect if DOFS Case Number is not known.

The GBI Crime Lab Submission Forms are now available on the Internet in a pdf form fill-in version. This enables agencies to complete the DOFS Submission Form on their computer and print out copies to attach to the appropriate evidence when submitting to the Crime Lab. Instructions for accessing this form are as follows:

  1. Click on: DOFS Evidence Submission Form
  2. If you have installed Adobe Acrobat**, the form should load in your browser window.
  3. To save the form, click on the icon of the floppy disk on the Adobe Acrobat menu which should appear below your browser's menus. The 'Save A Copy' box will appear. Choose a location to save the file. In the "File Name" box, replace the asterisk ("*.pdf") with the Case Number. (This protects the integrity of original blank form for future use). Click save. The file will be saved as (your case number).pdf.
  4. Type in all appropriate information requested on the "saved" Submission Form.
  5. Print the completed Submission Form. Page 1 is all that is required.

You can download this Download this pdf file. information here or go to the respective department for more information.

** If you do not already have the Adobe Reader program:  Download Adobe Reader