Certified Marijuana Examiner Course

The GBI-DOFS Chemistry Section sponsors the Certified Marijuana Examiner’s Course, a 20-hour course for law enforcement personnel. The purpose of this class is to train students in the proper methods for testing suspected marijuana samples and, if necessary, subsequent testimony in court.  Students are presented the history of the plant, growing methods, popular trends, weighing techniques, microscopic testing, and chemical testing.  They are then given test samples, which must be identified with 100% accuracy.  

After passing the written examination and numerous proficiency tests, students receive certification from the GBI to begin analysis of cases from their respective regions or areas.  As part of this course, students also participate in a mock trial to better prepare them for testimony as experts in the field of marijuana analysis.   

Upon completion of all assignments, students will receive certification for the identification of marijuana.  The certification is valid for four (4) years, at which time the student must repeat the class to recertify.  Please use the following website for class enrollment: GPSTC.

For more information on course requirements, please see our Certified Marijuana Examiner's Course Requirements section.

Effective October 2014 examiners attending the Marijuana Certified Examiners Recertification Course must complete the course prior to the expiration of their current certification.  If an examiner’s certification has expired prior to registration they will be required to register for the complete 20 hour course.