Evidence Shipping Guidelines


  • Firearms must be shipped unloaded.
  • Ammunition must be sent in a separate shipment from firearms and conform to the individual common carrier stipulations.
  • Flammable and other hazardous chemicals must be delivered in person.
  • Syringes may not be submitted to the crime lab. With prior DOFS approval, syringe contents may be accepted by the laboratory for analysis.
  • All blood alcohol and toxicology cases must be submitted in an approved BA/TOX kit.
  • All biohazards must be in internal leak-proof containers such as sealed plastic bags that will contain all contents and prevent leakage during handling, storage, and transport.
  • Biohazards that are mailed must be in leak-proof packaging with absorbent material.
  • The primary container must be placed in an outer shipping container with secondary leak-proof materials.
  • The biohazard warning symbol and label must be applied to the outside of the container.
  • The packaging and marking requirements for biohazard evidence are based upon the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, CFR Title 29, 1910.1030 and on Postal Regulations, Domestic Mail Manual 124.383.
  • Warning labeling (Hepatitis or HIV positive, Glass, Sharp objects, etc.) must be indicated on the internal package and evidence must be packaged so as to prevent loss or damage to the evidence as well as minimize potential safety hazard to employees.
  • All evidence must be properly sealed and packaged.
  • The laboratory must receive one DOFS submission form every time evidence is submitted to the laboratory. If evidence is resubmitted, then a new submission form is required.
  • When using US Mail, it is best to use certified or registered mail and a return receipt.
  • Commercial carriers (FedEx, UPS) have additional regulations and requirements and must be consulted regarding their individual requirements.
  • There should be no indication on the outside packaging that the package contains evidence (i.e., Drug identification, Firearms examination, etc.).  Outside packaging must include the agency name and return address.